Custom made comfort


Vilmers maintains its strong tradition in manufacturing Scandinavian and Italian design upholstered furnishings in both leather and fabrics. Founded in 1997, company presented it‘s strive for the highest quality, efficient production and emotional value in hand crafted upholstered furniture.

The company promotes culture of timeless design, passion for beauty and inspiration for comfortable living. We believe that by selecting materials with strict quality standards we will achieve durability, safety and self-evident quality. Which is the key for our customers to have the best possible experience, even after many years.

Individuality is our trademark. With our modular systems, we help you to express your uniqueness by choosing different components for a sofa, like the color of the fabric or leather, legs, armrests, accessories. Large product range enable us to enter homes and become a special place where friends or family members gather together to share their World, their Vision, their Love.

Handmade quality. We focus on combining design, quality and comfort to make our customers happy. Over the years, we have optimized our production methods extensively to keep value for money without making compromises.

Delivery on time. We care deeply about the entire process of delivering the right products at the right time.

We believe that comfort is more than just a sofa. It‘s about feeling at home, safe and relaxed. There is no better reward than a happy client and we daily work towards absolute perfection.