At Vilmers, we believe that individuality is an essential part of furniture and upholstery is a great way to express that. Fabric upholstery is a classic choice for a sofa that looks good and is easy to take after.

We offer over 200 unique types of fabrics and colours. Each of our upholstery options was carefully selected by our designers so that it looks as good as it feels.


Cotton is the most natural upholstery choice. It offers a large palette of colors and is pleasant to touch. Cotton sofas are highly resilient to wear and are easy to wash.

Taking care of cotton is easy. Make sure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods, as it will make the color fade. When removing stains and vacuuming, do not rub hard on the surface as doing so may cause discoloration and piling of the fabric.

Polyester and Nylon

Polyester and nylon fiber are long-lasting and easy to upkeep. Synthetic fiber is strong, resilient to fading and sagging, meaning that your sofa will look good after years of using it, even if it experiences heavy daily use.

Taking care of polyester and nylon upholstery is simple. It can be washed or dry cleaned without any hassle, although this type of fabric should not be ironed as it is sensitive to heat.

Viscose and Polypropylene

Although it is not as durable as other fabrics on its own, blending viscose with fibers such as polypropylene creates a beautiful and shiny fabric that will maintain its look for many years.

Viscose is commonly known as artificial silk due to its smooth and soft surface. It is resilient to discoloration, staining, and abrasion, making it a perfect upholstery choice for heavy use or households with children and pets.

Cleaning viscose and polypropylene is easy – heavy chemicals and abrasive material may be used without doing any damage to the fabric.