At Vilmers we believe that individuality is an essential part of furniture and upholstery is a great way to express that. Leather is the foremost choice for a sofa that is modern and timeless. If kept and treated correctly, it will look better with age and will last for years.

We offer three types of leather: the highest quality natural aniline and semi-aniline, as well as corrected leather with a protective layer that makes it the most practical option. Each of our leather choices was carefully selected by our designers to ensure that your furniture feels as good as it looks.


Aniline is a choice of the highest quality. It is the most natural and soft of all leather types as only the best raw hides can be used for it.

All of our aniline leather options come from exotic water buffaloes. The leather is tanned with chromium and vegetable ingredients, dyed in a barrel and corrected afterwards. The distinct look is achieved by finishing the leather with paraffin, oil and aniline dye.

Because of the nature of aniline leather, the color and grain can deviate. The knocks, scratches, and bites will remain visible also, adding to the unique and distinctive look of each element of the sofa.

Due to no protective layer or additional coating, aniline provides the utmost comfort as the leather can breathe and absorb moisture. If taken proper care, the leather will look better as it ages, gracefully evolving and developing the rich patina.

Aniline sofas can be cleaned by brushing the leather with a dry cloth. The use of soap and other detergents is highly discouraged.


Semi-aniline maintains a lot of sought-after qualities of aniline leather while providing additional protection. After the leather is treated with aniline, it is covered with a thin surface layer that adds a greater variety of surface texture and keeps the natural softness.

The color of the leather will remain more consistent over time, as well as more resistant to scratching, moisture, and stains – thus becoming a perfect choice for commercial areas and households with children and pets. However, it should be noted that semi-aniline leather must be kept out of direct sunlight.

Even though a light protective layer shields the sofa from various external factors, it allows the leather to breathe and does not compromise your seating comfort.

Corrected Leather

Corrected leather is made from the top of the hide which is carefully sanded to remove imperfections, dyed and embossed with an artificial grain to achieve the classic leather aesthetic and uniform look.

Corrected-grain leather is the least expensive option of the three. It requires less maintenance and has better resistance to scratches and spills. It is a perfect choice for public areas and households where the sofa is subjected to heavy use.

Even though corrected-grain leather may be a more practical choice, it must be mentioned that it is not as breathable as its aniline or semi-aniline counterparts and has a higher risk of surface cracking over time.