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Vilmers continues to focus on sustainability, with an increased range of conscious products in their collections.

Over the past year Vilmers have been concentrating on sustainability whilst also expanding their product range. Renewing their focus on the world around us and the uniqueness of each individual’s living space. Inspired by circularity and mindful retail they’ve begun the process of future proofing their products whilst developing new items for the home. 

Innovative thinking has always been a big part of Vilmers’ philosophy and applying it to the whole brand has opened up new ways of working. Concentrating on raw material use and quality of production has led to increased automation in their European facilities and an increased focus on conscious products and new forward thinking initiatives. 

– Moving to Made to Measure means we’re able to customise our furniture to the customers’ needs, whilst simultaneously improving our production methods. We see comfortable living as sustainable living, says Ovidijus Jalonskis, CEO of Vilmers. 

A continued focus on sustainability has also aided their expansion into new markets, with new product ranges announced throughout the past year as well as a circularity initiative for their existing furniture. 

– Our drive for sustainability through a deeper connection with the world around us is what drives us forward into the future, continues Ovidijus Jalonskis. 

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Press release


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