Pushing the Industry Forward With Lectra

Lectra is a powerful combination of cloud-based software, a connected single-ply fabric cutting line, and expert services, allowing for optimization of production as well as the reduction of waste.

Lectra can precisely calculate how much and what kind of material will be needed for the end product, at the same time making the data accessible to the company’s accounting systems. This means that the process of manufacturing of the product is faster and the amount of waste is lower.

In its second year of operating, Lectra has already produced great results. The cutting line with state-of-the-art software is fast, precise and is a huge help in meeting the tight production schedules. Implementation of the MTO (Made to Order) system ensures that the wide range of customer needs in a short space of time are fulfilled.

There is still a lot of space for innovation. Company is already planning to implement several additional MTO solutions for further furniture production steps. From now on, Vilmers will focus on individual orders more, tailored to the particular needs of the customer.