FSC™ & Vilmers

At Vilmers it’s our drive for sustainability that helps to influence how we run our brand and how we make and package our furniture. That’s why we have worked to achieve FSC™ accreditation for our production facility and why we will always mark all products with the FSC™ logo wherever it applies. By choosing FSC™ certified materials, we know that the foundation of each piece of furniture we produce has sustainability at its heart.
It’s important for us to be sure that the wood we use for the body of our furniture comes from companies who practise responsible forestry and that they take the effects on both people and the environment into account. This is a choice we can make to meet our environmental ESG commitments and helps us to make a difference.
Vilmers are part of the FSC™ Chain of Custody certification system. Chain of Custody certification proves that in a company’s supply chain and that of our customers we’re committed to sustainable sourcing. It verifies we’ve put processes in place to produce and trade in FSC™ certified products.
Our chain-of-custody certification allows us to use the globally recognised FSC™ label on our products, letting you know that our products support responsible forestry.

What is FSC™ Wood Supply Chain Certification?

Wood Supply Chain Certification certifies that the wood used in production is sourced from responsibly managed forests and that this material is traceable throughout the entire production and marketing process, from the forest manager to the manufacturer of the end product.

Vilmers takes into account all ten principles of good forest management and has a policy of implementing labour requirements.