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At Vilmers, our ongoing commitment to sustainability is now being significantly enhanced through our embrace of digitalization.

This strategic shift is not just a part of our operational framework; it has become the core of our product offerings and brand philosophy. Over the past year, we have intensified our focus on sustainable practices while expanding our product range, ensuring that each item reflects both individuality and a deep respect for the environment. 

The principles of circularity and mindful retail have been at the forefront of our transformative journey. By digitizing our production processes, we are not only future-proofing our products but also introducing eco-conscious items that cater to modern living spaces. Our approach to digitalization has been a game-changer, leading to enhanced raw material utilization and improved production quality. The increased automation within our production facilities stands as a testament to our commitment to digital efficiency and sustainable production. 

Evolving into a customer-centric company.

Our shift towards a Made-to-Measure model underscores this commitment. “By digitizing production processes, Vilmers is evolving into a customer-centric company. We are integrating digital solutions throughout the customer journey, ensuring that each piece of furniture is tailored to the customer’s unique preferences, while also streamlining our production methods,” says Ovidijus Jalonskis, CEO of Vilmers. “We see comfortable living as sustainable living, and digitalization is key to this vision.” 

Expanding into new markets.

This year has seen Vilmers expand into new markets and introduce innovative product ranges, bolstered by a circularity initiative for our existing furniture lines. Our recent participation in the prestigious Maison&Objet fair in Paris marked a significant milestone, showcasing our latest product collection to a global audience. This event highlighted our dedication to merging sustainability with digitalization, positioning us as a leader in the sustainable furniture industry. 

As we forge ahead, our drive for sustainability through digitalization continues to grow. “Our commitment to digitalization, intertwined with our deep connection to the environment, is what propels Vilmers into the future,” concludes Ovidijus Jalonskis. “We are at the forefront of the furniture industry, setting new standards for sustainability and customer-centric experiences.” 

Join Vilmers on this journey towards a sustainable, digitally-transformed future, where each product is a symbol of our dedication to the environment and our customers’ individual lifestyles.  

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