Demo Truck


Our Demo Truck project started officially in May 2022 when it headed out on its maiden voyage to Belgium, but the project is something that we have been working on at Vilmers for a while before that. We wanted to think innovatively about how we presented our furniture and so the Demo Truck idea was born.

We’re happy with how this project has worked out and look forward to seeing it develop over the coming years. It’s been a nice experience travelling around Europe meeting a lot of lovely people and having the experience of showing our furniture to new people in new places. 

The open roads of Europe

Over the course of 2022 our Demo Truck has criss-crossed Europe, visiting Belgium, Germany, France, Lithuania, Denmark and finally Sweden where it is currently and will soon be returning home for the festive period before heading out again in 2023.

By taking our furniture on the road we were able to give people the opportunity to see and experience it in new and original ways. Maybe they haven’t got a Vilmers stockist in their town or city. Well, why don’t we take our furniture to them? Being on the road also gives us the chance to meet inspiring people and companies who are also in the industry. As well as meeting and greeting existing and new customers without them having to travel to us.

Listening to our customers

Promoting the Demo Truck on social media gave us the chance to interact with our customers in a new way. Offering them the chance to suggest where we should go next, listening to their feedback and then planning our routes with our customers’ suggestions in mind, enabling more people to experience the comfort of a piece of Vilmers furniture. It’s innovative thinking like this that is at the heart of Vilmers. Finding new ways to present our furniture to the people that matter most, our customers.

Our Demo Truck is a concept that we will be continuing with and developing as we head into a new year and beyond with 2023 offering new possibilities and the chance to visit new places. 

See you in 2023!

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