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Bringing something new to the table

While long being synonymous with producing quality, hand-crafted sofas, Vilmers have now taken the next step within the world of interior design by launching their very first table collection. After releasing a number of sofas designed by the renowned design studio, Vilmers have again teamed up with Böttcher & Kayser to release a range of six different tables.

Continued partnership

A collaboration that started in 2021 with a focus on comfort, quality and sustainability led to a number of successful releases and proved such a fruitful partnership that Böttcher & Kayser have been given the prestige of designing the very first collection of tables for Vilmers.

From the start of our cooperation we recognised the potential to create something special. The collection we’ve developed together is something we’re really proud of, says Böttcher & Kayser about the new collection.

Entering new markets

This new collection is the first step in a long term plan of expansion. Diversifying and entering new markets within interior design and furniture, whilst still holding true a set of principles built up over time, making this an exciting period for the brand.

This collaboration is not just an opportunity to increase our product range. By focusing on the future, we’re able to offer our customers the quality of Vilmers’ furniture in multiple items throughout their home, says Ovidijus Jalonskis, CEO of Vilmers.

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